1410 HWY 51 Ė STOUGHTON, WI  53589

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2010 Ė 9:30 A.M.

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LOCATION:  This auction will be held indoors, in the Viking Lanes Banquet Room.  Viking Lanes is located on Hwy 51, on Stoughtonís west side (next to Pizza Hut).  Watch for auction signs.  LUNCH BY:  Viking Lanes Grill.

NOTE:  Due to the number of auctions, being held at this site, WI Sales Tax Applies.  All items are in good condition & in working order.  This is only a partial list.

300+ SIGNS:

MOTION SIGNS INCLUDE:  HAMMíS Scene-A-Rama Western Version, Large; Scene-A-Rama w/Clock, Large; Anniversary Rippler sign; Rotation House clock; Starry Skies (large & small); Revolving Heat Lamp; Helicopter w/Bouncing Bear; Ice Skating Bear; Bouncing Lines; Scene-A-Ramma Clock w/Bear; Rotating clock.  BUD Clydesdale Parade, Michelob Hole in One.  PABST Train; Red Car; Blue Car.  MILLER Beer Tap Sign, Bottle Pouring; Bouncing Lines, Clock. SCHLITZ Rotating Barrel; Rotating Globe.  BLATZ Running Waiter, Drummer, Unicycle. S. EXPORT Ship.  OLD STYLE Waterfalls; Rotating Chalet, Rotating Shield.

ADVERTISING COLLECTIBLES:  Bud Clydesdale Team large clock; Large Miller H.L. Girl on Moon neon; Old Style Chicago Cubs Wrigley Field neon; Hamms Scene A Rama River Scene neon; Falls City Chalk Hand (rare black hand version); Blatz Kegman Clock & Running Waiters Statues; Hammís Bear Dipping Toe in Water sign; Dutch Masters Cigar Store Indian statue; Pabst Boxer w/Canopy; Pr. Schlitz Lady Holding Globe statues; Hammís Bear Face Neo-Neon sign; Pre Pro Pilsin Brew Olympia Girl; Pre Pro Smith Ale Brew Cigar Cutter; Blatz Tight Rope Walker sign;  Bud NASCAR neon; Bud Light Spuds neon; Jose Cuervo Margarita Glass neon; Pabst Guitar neon; 1890s Mayers porcelain Milw. Shoes sign; Hammís Juggling Bear statue; Marlboro Indy Car neon; Blatz Tap Dancers on Stage statue; 75-plus assort Tapper Handles; Hammís preferred Clock; Blatz Baseball Players statue w/Braves Flags; 1909 Fred Krug Brew. Scene plate; Hammís neons; Blatz Ice Skater statue; Barrel-shaped Cast Brass Tap Handle; Leinenkugelís Bottle sign, Clock; Pabst Candle sign; Andeker Castle sign; Pr. Schlitz Bottle wall signs; Hammís Cooler sign; Pabst Quartet statue; 1960s G.B. Packers oil canvas painting; 3 Ė 1946 Gulf Metal Embossed Gas/Oil signs (Flex, Lube, Pride); Orange Crush tin soda sign (3.5' x 4.5'); Lite Rusty Wallace Racing neon; Miller Park neon; Blatz Pheasant sign; Deer Head sign; Ducks.  1940s Coke clock; Falstaff Charger tray; 1896 Liberty Bicycle adv; 1890s Pabst Elves Pre Pro mug; Large Bud Millennium mirror; Hammís Calendar Bear statue; Pabst Bartender statue;  Leinenkugelís Hefeweizen Pub sign;  Gettelmans Composition Goose sign; Blatz Can & Bottlemen statues w/Bulletin;  Pieces of stained glass from old tavern; Fox Head 400 Chalk statue; Blatz Banjo Player statue; Blatz Kegman Pocket Watch statue; 1930s Old Style Cavalier canvas sign; Schlitz Composition sign; Hammís Tray Signs, Wall globes; Cracker Barrel sign; Pabst R.O.G. Sign & Sign #2; Oertels 92 Chalk Barrel statue; Camel Metal Thermometer; Marathon Beer R.O.G. Mirrored sign; Pr Blatz Store Display Triangle signs; Pr Pabst Hurricane lamps; Pabst Rotating lamps; Drewrys Mounty on Bottle Chalk statue; Pr Bud Globe wall lights; 1940s White Cap Beer bag; Erin Brew Chalk Barrel statue; Grafs 50/50 Metal Ashtrays; 1940s Old Style R.O.G. Shield sign; 1933 Blatz Chalk Student Garden plaque; Bud Light Music Truck neon; Blatz Man on Barrel Chalk statue; Large 77-inch Hammís Still picture Cooler sign; Large Schlitz ďDivers HelmetĒ Rotating Clock sign; Old Beer & Soda Cans; Plus much more.

TERMS:  Cash or Good Check Day of Sale.  Out of state checks require current bank letter of guarantee.  Photo ID Required to Register to Bid/Buy.  Announcements made at sale take precedence over advertised material.

AUCTIONEER:  Don Kleven, Jr. (Registered Wisconsin Auctioneer #179) Stoughton, WI 608-877-9075.  CLERK:  Dennis Vike, Stoughton, WI 608-873-9762.  SALE MANAGER:  James M. Seamonson (Registered Wisconsin License #132) Auction Specialists Stoughton, LLC, Stoughton, WI 608-873-7791

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